• GokaiWhite

    Wang Laoh is the main antagonist of Dead Fantasy, and an original character created by GokaiWhite, to be introduced in a future Dead Fantasy installment.

    Wang Laoh was once a devoted Shaolin Monk of a secret order who quickly rose above the ranks due to his self-imposed harsh discipline, which was, in fact, the first indicator of his strained relationship with his friends and family, and the start of his fall from grace, for despite his geniune desire to uphold peace and order, his chauvinistic pride began to shape his current beliefs which have come to override his better judgement and his original goal. By the time he became Grand Master, Laoh began imposing his ways on the other monks which caused much suspicion and divisiveness in his orde…

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  • GokaiWhite

    Daigo is an original character and major protagonist, created by GokaiWhite, to be introduced in a future Dead Fantasy installment.

    Daigo became suspicious as to why Team Final Fantasy and Team Dead or Alive have been fighting each other and is now trying to uncover the truth, and more importantly get both teams to work together against Wang Laoh.

    Daigo is a very handsome, attractive young man in his early to mid 20s with short black hair and green eyes.

    Daigo is a loving, gentle, friendly person who loves the girl fighters for no less and much more than their inner and outer beauty, and respects the male fighters for their own positive qualities and general fighting prowess. He is also very selfless with a strong sense of justice and willing to…

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  • GokaiWhite

    BREA is a (semi-)original character, created by GokaiWhite, to be introduced in a future Dead Fantasy installment.

    BREA is a living sex doll brought to life by Wang Laoh, and made in the image of his estranged daughter, to be his mistress. As she is not technically human and unable to produce offspring for Laoh, even if he had not been castrated before the events of Dead Fantasy, Laoh used the Dead Fantasy tournament to select a suitable bride with him to father a generation of fighters to aid in his quest for world domination. If his plans show any signs of escalating beyond his control, Laoh would send BREA to steer things back in the right direction.

    BREA is a petite young woman appearing to be at least 18 years of age with shoulder length,…

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  • GokaiWhite

    Fake Dead Fantasy VI

    June 23, 2017 by GokaiWhite

    Dead Fantasy VI is the sixth installment of the Dead Fantasy series, created by the late Monty Oum. It is the first episode to be released after Oum's death, and the first to be directed by GokaiWhite. The episode is currently in early conceptual stages, as GokaiWhite is currently searching for people willing to help him continue Oum's work.

    To be added...

    Coming soon

    Coming soon...

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  • GokaiWhite

    Noel Kreiss is a Beast Hunter from the year 700 AF and the deuteragonist of Final Fantasy XIII-2. He is currently planned to make his first Dead Fantasy appearance in Dead Fantasy VI.

    To be added...

    To be added...

    Noel is a slender, yet well built young man with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes.

    His new outfit in Dead Fantasy, designed by kagaminoir , is a green and red "athlete's attire", with only the upper left part of his chest and his right shoulder covered, a single red fingerless right glove, an armband on his left bicep, green shorts, and sandals. His secondary outfit is a shirtless version of his original costume in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

    Noel keeps much of his old personality in his game of origin, being cocky, cheerful, confident, …

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  • GokaiWhite

    Eliot is the apprentice of Gen Fu from the Dead or Alive series. He will make his Dead Fantasy debut in the upcoming Dead Fantasy VI as the second male Dead or Alive character to be introduced in the series.

    To be added...

    To be added...

    Eliot has a masculine, yet more youthful look, compared to his fellow fighters, with shoulder length blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and long dark eyelashes. 

    In Dead Fantasy, he is first shown in his default costume from DoA5, but he later takes off his tattered shirt, exposing his handsome figure and well-toned muscles. His secondary outfit has him shirtless, wearing black jeans with matching sneakers, or alternatively black formal pants with formal shoes.

    Eliot retains much of his personality in his series of origin,…

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  • Klahanrickytang
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  • J.J. Chambers

    VS Battles

    May 25, 2015 by J.J. Chambers

    Hello, everyone!

    Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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  • Crispycol

    When Dead Fantasy continues and even more new characters get added I would love to see these ones:


    • Lightning
    • Rydia
    • Lulu
    • Serah Farron
    • Aqua


    • Squall Leonhart
    • Tidus
    • Cecil Harvey


    • Tina Armstrong
    • Lei Fang
    • Christie
    • Lisa Hamilton
    • Irene Lew


    • Bayman
    • Jann Lee
    • Leon

    And I'm also going to post my expectations for the following Dead Fantasy's. We all know that the battle between Rikku and Ayane is going to happen in VI. Personally I think that Rikku is going to win this one since Hitomi won against Tifa. Rikku will change into many dresspheres and finish her of with her Machina Maw.

    Although many of you think that VII is going to feature Rinoa VS Rachel I think that VII is going to be Kairi/Naminé & Vincent VS Momiji & Hayabusa, because of the large preview…

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  • Crispycol

    Dead Fantasy: The Game

    April 25, 2012 by Crispycol

    Like many company's they have crossovers from people from their franchise. So I think it's time that Square Enix and Tecmo also have one called; Dead Fantasy.

    It will follow the events that happen in Dead Fantasy, but in a more different way. You have two sides, obiously the Final Fantasy & Dead or Alive side, which you can choose from. When you choose the Dead or Alive side you will play the story like in their games (2D idea) but when you choose the Final Fantasy side you will fight like in Dissidia Final Fantasy (3D idea).

    When you selected a side you can choose the character with who you want to play the story mode with. All the characters will follow the timeline like in Dead Fantasy but then from their view. (for example: when you choo…

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  • TearsOfTheSky

    Related Sights

    October 17, 2011 by TearsOfTheSky

    Just wondering on your guys' opinions about this one factor in Dead Fantasy, almost every locale from the DoA world has an unerving similarity to the FF world:

    Dead Fantasy I and II:

    DoA = Ruins

    FF = Final Fantasy X/X-2/Any final fantasy with a 'dungeon'

    Dead Fantasy III:

    DoA = Abandoned Church

    FF = Final Fantasy VII Aeris's Church

    Dead Fantasy IV:

    DoA =Beach || Outer Field of the city || Kasumi fighting her clones

    FF =Kingdom Hearts Destiny Island || Final Fantasy VIII Opening Field Scene || Kilika where Yuna did her Sending

    Dead Fantasy V:

    DoA= Train Scene

    FF= Final Fantasy VII Cloud's Train Scene

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  • Crispycol

    Dead Fantasy Guys

    September 15, 2011 by Crispycol
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  • Crispycol

    Dead Fantasy Girls

    September 13, 2011 by Crispycol
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  • Blackchaos27

    Something tells me that there may be something bigger going on in Dead Fantasy than just a conflict between FF/KH and DOA/NG.

    There are quite a few unanswered questions that are worth giving some deep thought:

    -What is the true meaning behind the conflict? How did it start?

    -How did each character get involved? And why?

    -Will there ultimately be a winning side? Or will both sides decide to stop at some point?

    -Could there be a dark force lurking behind the scenes?

    Please give these questions some thought and state your opinions.

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  • Tyrantstyrant

    Let me know if there is anything specifically that you want to see...

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  • Hernang

    Lulu in Dead Fantasy

    April 28, 2010 by Hernang

    Okay you guys so i know that there has been alot of talk about the next dead fantasy fighter.Now a lot of people think that Lulu should not be in it because its hard to imagine how she would move in her dress and junk.So i have come up with an idea of how she can appear.Okay so the girls are fighting and they may be in trouble.Lulu could appear and use some big magick like Ultima for example.Once that has happened she could begin to spherechange from her dress into something more areobic.Now before you go thinking that its a bad idea that she can spherechange think about it.Its not really unfair for her to use this ability since Rikku is also spherechanging.Now her new look:imagine her dress being cut to a little bit below her waist and th…

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  • SWZala

    Suggested Songs

    April 15, 2010 by SWZala

    Okay so do any of you have any wongs to suggest for the upcoming Dead Fantasy movies. Coz' I have a few. (Note: These are all from FF7 coz' that's my favorite of all)

    Tifa's Theme: This can be played if ever she has NICE flashbacks. Not the attempted suicide flashback.

    Cloud Smiles: Maybe..uh...something related to Cloud, right.

    Chase of the Highway: Probably a Cloud vs. Hayate then Ryu comes out then another FF guy then the guys from FF, Kingdom Hearts, DOA start being introduced.

    (Wait the next ones are from FF10 though I have no suggestions to give on what part to use them)


    To Zanarkand

    (Ah here's one from FF8)

    Fisherman's Horizon

    Well if any of you have suggestions to give please write them down! Hopefully Monty will see your (and mine) …

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  • Tyrantstyrant

    Let's go Dead Fantasy 6......MontyOum.....

    Must See fights:  1) Cloud vs Hayate     2) Ayane vs Rikku     3) Kairi vs Someone

    2010....sitting and waiting

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