Cissnei in "Dead Fantasy - Obsessed"
Full Name Cissnei (real name unknown)
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Debuts Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-
Dead Fantasy Obsessed
Age Unknown (Early twenties)
Nationality Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown
Weapons Rekka
Main Rival N/A

Cissnei is a Turk, who first appeared in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII. So far, she's the only character to debut to the Dead Fantasy series in a music video and hasn't appeared in the main series. Right now, it's unknown if she would had taken part in the Dead Fantasy episodes.

Since Monty passed away, we'll maybe never know.


Cissnei is a character from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. She first appeared in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII as "Shuriken (Female)", in which the player can give her a name.

She later appeared again in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- under the name Cissnei, which she admits is not her real name.

Music VideosEdit

Crissie Sings

Cissnei singing "Gee" along with the other girls.

So far, Cissnei has only appeared in the two Dead Fantasy music videos.  In Dead Fantasy Obsessed, she lip-sings the song and dances with Tifa and Kasumi as her backing dancers. In Dead Fantasy Gee, she sings and dances with Tifa, Kasumi, Yuna, Ayane, Rikku, Hitomi, Rinoa, and Kairi. In this video, she lip-sings the vocal parts of Hwang Tiffany of Girls' Generation.


Cissnei has brown eyes and wavy, shoulder-length, brown hair. In the Dead Fantasy music videos, she is seen in the swimsuit she wore in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- while on vacation in Costa Del Sol with Zack Fair, with slight differences.

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