Cloud Strife
Dead Fantasy Cloud.jpg
Cloud in "Dead Fantasy IV"
Full Name Cloud Strife
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Debuts Final Fantasy VII
Dead Fantasy IV
Age 24
Nationality Unknown
Fighting Style Soldier
Weapons Fusion Swords
Main Rival Helena Douglas

Cloud Strife is the main character of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, being the main protagonist in both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, who made his debut to the Dead Fantasy series in the fourth episode; he is the first male character to appear in the series.

Background[edit | edit source]

In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud is a mercenary and self-proclaimed ex-member of SOLDIER, a select, genetically augmented military unit operating under the defacto world government and megacorporation Shinra Electric Power Company. Fighting against Shinra in the resistance group "AVALANCHE," and driven by a feud with the primary antagonist, Sephiroth, Cloud learns to come to terms with his troubled past, and adapts to his role as a leader.

Role in Dead Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Cloud saving Yuna in Dead Fantasy IV

Dead Fantasy IV[edit | edit source]

"Why am I here? Because... I trust her... and because... you... remind me of someone I said goodbye to... a long time ago."
--Cloud mentioning Tifa and Aerith to Yuna at the beginning of the movie

Cloud Strife makes his entrance in Dead Fantasy IV during the battle between Yuna, Kasumi, and the Kasumi Alpha clones. Just as Yuna's last aeon is defeated and she falls forward in exhaustion, Cloud intervenes and throws all of the clones back with his Fusion Swords. Kasumi then flees to take care of the clones single-handedly. Cloud drives to the same city featured in DFV on his motorcycle, Fenrir, while Yuna rests on his back. It is believed he is chasing the helicopter carrying Tifa.

Dead Fantasy V[edit | edit source]

In Dead Fantasy V, Cloud is seen in one of Tifa's flashbacks, where he tries to stop her from leaping off a cliff, the same one where Zack Fair died years earlier. Before she jumps, she tells him, "Trust me." Cloud tries to stop her, but fails. After failing to save Tifa, he stops running before falling. After stopping, he sees a feather floating away in the air. Cloud later appears at the end with Yuna on Fenrir, arriving at the city where the helicopter carrying Tifa heads into.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Cloud wears his Advent Children appearance. He wears a black sleeveless unzipped turtleneck sweater, with a belt around his chest that holds a wolf motif which represents Fenrir. He also wears black pants with a pareo-like cloth around his waist. Cloud wears black gloves. He also wears a black cloth around his left arm. Cloud wears black boots under his pants. Cloud’s hair is blond and has blue eyes. His hair has more spikes than his original Final Fantasy VII.  

Fighting Capacity[edit | edit source]

Cloud uses the Fusion Swords that he uses in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. When he saves Yuna in Dead Fantasy IV, he uses his Limit Break attack, Blade Beam, to send the Kasumi Alpha clones flying away. He will most likely use more Limit Breaks in the future.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Tifa Lockhart[edit | edit source]

The only person to be shown so far in Dead Fantasy with a previous attachment to Cloud is Tifa, as they are childhood friends and have a history of fighting and traveling together.

In Dead Fantasy, Tifa appears to be contemplating on a cliff, the same one Zack died on years earlier. When Cloud arrives, she steps back at the edge, saying that she needed to do something but it became apparent she wanted to do it by herself saying "Trust me," before she steps back over the cliff's edge; Cloud tries to grab her but fails to do so. She later wakes up in the setting for Dead Fantasy II. It is believed he has followed her into the Dead Fantasy Universe to keep the promise he had made to her before he left for SOLDIER. Currently he is seaching for her along with Yuna.

Vincent Valentine[edit | edit source]

Vincent was a former companion of Cloud in Final Fantasy VII. In a preview, Vincent is summoned by Naminé while fighting Momiji and Ryu. It is unknown if Vincent is going to look for Cloud and Tifa alongside Naminé.

Denzel[edit | edit source]

After Cloud found Denzel, he quickly developed a close bond with him. Like Denzel views Tifa as a mother figure, he views Cloud as a father figure and sometimes an older brother. Denzel always loved Cloud staying at Seventh Heaven, but always got disappointed whenever he had to leave for a while. Just as Cloud views Denzel as a son or a little brother and whenever Denzel sometimes needs help, Cloud's fatherly instinct often kicks in. During the battle against Bahamut SIN, Cloud saved Denzel from being attacked by monsters and promised him that he will come back. At the ending of Advent Children, Cloud heals Denzel from Geostigma with the healing water from Aerith's church. Almost two years later, Denzel asked Reeve if he can join the WRO and be as strong as Cloud, and wanting to protect the people he deeply cares about.

In Dead Fantasy, Denzel is first seen in a unfinished preview along with Cloud, looking a lot older than his appearance in Advent Children. They have the same conversation at the ending of Advent Children Complete, when they go to visit Zack Fair's grave. However it is unknown which episode this preview is from and when Denzel will take action.

Yuna[edit | edit source]

Just as Yuna is about to fall to Kasumi's clones in Dead Fantasy IV, she is saved by Cloud. His unexpected rescue makes more sense when you analyze the obscure dialogue in the opening. It reads: "Why am I here? Because... I trust her. And because... you remind me of someone I said goodbye to a long time ago..." The person Cloud said goodbye to was Aerith, who died at the hands of Cloud's enemy. There are several similarities between Yuna and Aerith. They are both White Mages, have brown hair and green eyes (one in Yuna's case), and are alike in personality. On the other hand, Cloud could remind Yuna of Tidus, both being blonde, blue eyed and spiky-haired warriors, but with very different personalities.

Helena Douglas[edit | edit source]

Cloud and Helena are set to battle in DFIX

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cloud's appearance in Dead Fantasy IV was unexpected, due to the series being thought to possess a “female only” cast.
  • Cloud's Fenrir-Earring, which he wears on his left ear, is missing in the series and Promotional Artwork.
  • Cloud is shown with a mysterious red-haired boy in a clip from Monty Oum's Facebook page.!/video/video.php?v=488522567805&oid=112273905485453 It is predicted that the boy could be Denzel since they are sharing the same conversation that Cloud and Denzel have at the end of Advent Children Complete. Also, Cloud was voiced on the trailer is his original voice actor, Takahiro Sakurai.
  • If Cloud fights Helena in Dead Fantasy IX, it's possible that he will also fight Hayate who gravely injures Tifa with his ninjas in Dead Fantasy V for revenge.

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