Dead Fantasy IV
Part of the opening title sequence for "Dead Fantasy IV"
Episode No. 4
Original release July 2009
Characters Cloud Strife (debut)
Kasumi Alpha
Tifa Lockhart
Running time 5:17
Previous episode Dead Fantasy III
Next episode Dead Fantasy V

Dead Fantasy IV is the fourth episode of the Dead Fantasy series by Monty Oum. It was released in July 2009 and covers the one-on-one battle between Kasumi and Yuna. This is also the episode which intoduces the first male character of the series: Cloud Strife.

Story Edit

DF IV Kairi

Kairi, waking up on an abandoned beach

The movie starts with Kairi who, after being teleported by Rinoa Heartilly at the end of Dead Fantasy II, wakes up to find herself on an quiet beach at the edge of a ruined city. After briefly looking out towards the sea, she realizes there is a white feather in the sand. After seeing it, she walks away towards the city.

DF Kasumi X

Kasumi surrounded by her very own clones.

The scene then shifts to where Yuna and Kasumi had ended up: an open field full of flowers. The girls quickly engage in a one-on-one fight, but are stopped when an army of Kasumi Alpha clones appear and surround them. As soon as the clones attack them, Yuna quickly changes from her Gunner Dressphere to Summoner, rendering the flowers they were fighting in dead, and forcing all of the clones to retreat several dozen yards.

Dead Fantasy Cloud

Cloud appears.

Then, she calls forth her Aeons to fend off the clones. Although the Aeons hold off the clones for a while, they are ultimately out-numbered and defeated by the clones. As all the Aeons disappear, Yuna collapses and is about to be dispatched by the horde of clones when Cloud Strife rides in on his motorbike and knocks them away. Just as Yuna and Cloud are about to take on the clone together, Kasumi jumps between the opposing sides and teleports the clones and herself away to deal with them herself. With Kasumi gone, Yuna decides to get a ride with Cloud and they head away from the battlefield. As Yuna falls asleep, Cloud has a brief flashback of Tifa Lockhart at the ruins of Midgar.


Dead Fantasy IV
Dead Fantasy 04

Dead Fantasy 04


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Trivia Edit

  • The song Liberi Fatali from Final Fantasy VIII is played during most of the film. In addition to this, the setting, the timing and design of the words and title card on screen, and some of the character actions are direct reference to the opening of Final Fantasy VIII.