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Ryu and Momiji in Dead Fantasy; Ryu can be seen holding the Dragon Sword.

The Dragon Sword (龍剣; Ryuken; The Sword of the Dragons) is the primary weapon of Ryu Hayabusa in the Ninja Gaiden series. Although it appears to be a normal katana, it is actually a formidable weapon which possesses the essence and powers of dragons gods.

Ryu also uses the Dragon Sword as his weapon of choice in the Dead Fantasy series.



The Dragon Sword as shown in Ninja Gaiden

When the Dragon Sword was created, the 12 dragons who imbued the sword with their essence allowed the Hayabusa Clan to carve a magatama jewel out of one of their crystal-like eyes. This magatama became known as the Eye of the Dragon. To defeat the Dark Dragon and seal the Evil Deities, the Eye was fitted into the hilt, awakening the Dragon Sword, and giving the Dragon Lineage the power to defeat the Evil Deities and slay the Dark Dragon. Only those of the Hayabusa Clan who were true master warriors could wield the sword, lest their souls be overcome by the sword's incredibly powerful aura.

Because of its godly powers the Dragon Sword was seen as a threat to the balance of the world, and so it became customary for the jewel and sword to be in two separate locations; the Dragon Sword held by the Hayabusa Clan Leader, and the Eye of the Dragon guarded by the Dragon Shrine Maidens. However both factions would eventually meet and merge into a single clan, resulting in the two artifacts staying in close proximity to each other.

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