The Ether (エーテル, ēteru), also known as Ether1 and Tincture, is a recurring item from the series. It restores a small amount of Magic Points to one character. It appears in most Final Fantasy games except Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy VIII. Its upgrades are the Dry Ether and Turbo Ether.


  • Tifa Lockhart uses an X-Potion bottle and a Turbo Ether bottle to revive herself before smashing them against the Dead or Alive Team assailants in Dead Fantasy II.
  • The Potion and Ether bottles in Dead Fantasy are similar in detail to the Final Fantasy XII Premium Potion Bottles of the Final Fantasy energy drink "Potion". One of the bottles is even displaying the Potion symbol on its tag.
  • In the original Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts Games, It takes a while for the user to cure others and themselves with Potions or any other cure magic without being attacked. This technique was used when Yuna was interrupted by one of the Dead or Alive girls while trying to revive Tifa.

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