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Affiliation Wang Laoh
Majin Tyrant (rumored master)
Debuts Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Age ageless (physically 18 years old)
Nationality unknown
Fighting Style Keyblade Warrior
Weapons Hell's Drive (Keyblade)
Main Rival Sora, Sarah Serenity
Vanitas is a demi-human from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. He is expected to appear in a future installment of Dead Fantasy as an antagonist.


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Role in Dead FantasyEdit

Vanitas was brought back by an unknown entity before participating in the Dead Fantasy tournament and help Wang Laoh speed his plans along. Although his benefactor's initial reason for this is to have him kill Sora, Vanitas chose instead to seduce Sarah (and possible Kairi as well) whilst disguised as Sora, and then have affairs with other girls to lead her to believe Sora is a cheating jerk and end their friendship. He seeks to acquire something he cryptically refers to as the "Key of Egoism"


Being changed greatly from his depiction in Birth by Sleep, Vanitas lacks the helmet, face gear, and upper part of his "Dark Armor", appearing like a black haired, yellow eyed version of a shirtless Sora for almost all his appearances. When disguising himself as Sora, Vanitas still prefers to have no shirt on, while also wearing black jeans, with or without keychains with items linked to various Final Fantasy villains.


While keeping some of his cunning and collected demeanor, Vanitas now also has a laid-back, lascivious playboyish attitude with a keen liking to any sexy girl he is around and full awareness of his newly-found sex appeal. He is also quite charismatic, having convinced his new benefactor to let him destroy Sora emotionally, at least before doing it literally, and sometimes brags about how he's "awesome in the sack". He is not totally heartless, however, as he speaks in defense of Laoh's female allies/servants when they (willingly or unwillingly) irritate him, as if Vanitas has any legitimate love/concern for them, casually chastising Laoh for putting his personal anger at their (perceived) disobedience over guaranteeing the long-term success of his evil plans. 

Fighting CapacityEdit

Besides his already-established skill with a keyblade, Vanitas uses a cologne-like substance that causes any woman who smells it to fall desperately in love with him and be just as sexually active as he is.


Sora Edit

Eliminating Sora in the tournament, but not before crushing him emotionally, is Vanitas' main reason for participating, whether or not he sees Sora as a personal archenemy.




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  • Vanitas new (generally) shirtless appearance is similar to Jacob Black from Twilight.
  • The one who resurrected him is likely implied to be Majin Tyrant, the main antagonist of GokaiWhite's Superhero Keyblade Taisen.

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