The feather is a theme of Rinoa Heartilly that appears throughout the Dead Fantasy series. In Dead Fantasy IV, Kairi woke up and saw the feather in front of her. In Dead Fantasy V, after Tifa was riddled with arrows from Hayate's ninjas, she went into a flashback. In her flashback, she falls down the cliff as the feather floats down with her. Once the feather landed on the ground where Tifa had fallen, she woke up and saw the tower where Yuna, Rikku, Ayane, Kasumi and Hitomi were fighting and came to help even the odds. Another example that shows the feather's true power was when Kairi used it to her advantage when she was facing Momji and Ryu. By Cutting the feather with her Keyblade "Destiny's Embrace" she had the power to call upon Namine to take over her body and defeat Momji.


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