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Basic Biography Edit

The man behind the magic. Monty created Dead Fantasy in his free time, after the success of his other crossover video, Haloid, between Halo and Metroid. Monty dropped out of high school to pursue video design, eventually landing him a job at Midway games. A few years later, he started working with Namco Bandai, and helped to create video games. More recently, he has left Namco and moved to Texas. He also frequents cons, such as AnimeExpo, where he showcases his work. He now works with Rooster Teeth, where he works on Red vs. Blue, and his own series called RWBY.

He died of an allergic reaction on February 1st, 2015.[news]

Places where you can find Monty's work: Edit

Monty Oum can be found in numerous places around the internet, so it is most fitting that we allow him to explain himself through the various links provided. Updates for Dead Fantasy, as well as other exciting projects, can usually be found in the following places.

Monty's sites: Blog, Gametrailers, DeviantArt, and Myspace.

Software Edit

Monty Oum created Dead Fantasy, as well as his other videos, with the following software, in order of priority:

  1.  Poser 7 - Rendering, Animating, Rigging
  2.  Director MX - Compositing
  3.  Maya - Modeling
  4.  Particle Illusion - Particle effects
  5.  Adobe Premiere - Timeline, Syncing final output
  6.  Xnview - Image Conversion

Future Edit

On his page, Monty has listed that the following Dead Fantasy installments are upcoming: DF VI, DFVII, DF VIII, DF G, and DF S. Though Dead Fantasy G and S, at least, should be thought of as more of spin-offs than actual sequels to the storyline. Dead Fantasy VI will feature Rikku vs Ayane, while DFVII will have Rinoa battle a fiend Rachel and DFVIII will have Kairi (as Naminé) fight Momiji, Vincent Valentine will appear and fight along side Naminé, he will possibly fight Ryu.

At his panel at A-Kon 22, Monty Oum made a comment that Rinoa's story may not be explored again until Dead Fantasy X (could possibly be referring to DFS) or later. This news challenges the fan-held assumption that Rinoa's battle with Rachel will occur in DFVII.

Sadly, Monty Oum passed away at the age of 33 on February 1, 2015. As a result, the series is on a permanent hiatus and is unlikely to be updated.

RIP Monty Oum

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