Yuna Dead Fantasy IV by JeaYna

Yuna summoning in Dead Fantasy IV.

Summoner is a recurring job class that appears in various games in the Final Fantasy series, best known for the ability to summon magical beasts to fight for a party.

Yuna is a High Summoner and has used her summoning abilities in Dead Fantasy IV.


As stated above, summoners are known for their ability to summon magical beasts to fight for the party. They generally have some of the lowest physical stats in the game and but also the highest magical stats. Their weapon arsenal varies by game, but most games show them equipping rods, staves, daggers, and sometimes whips.

Summoners use special magic that allows them to call forth summons. The summons go by various names in each game; as Yuna is from Final Fantasy X, the creatures she summons are called Aeons. Summons usually cost more MP than the average spell, but are much more powerful. In some games, summoners also have the ability to cast other spells as well as to summon, thus making them more versatile.

Summoners in Dead FantasyEdit


Summoner Yuna

Yuna as a Summoner.

While for most of the series Yuna has been fighting as a Gunner, in Dead Fantasy IV while facing a troop of Kasumi Alphas, she summoned a number of Aeons using a Rod to take them down.

In Yuna's home world of Spira, the title of summoner is only given to skilled magic users who have trained in the process of summoning Aeons. Summoners do this in order to defeat Sin, a powerful monster who periodically returns to devastate the world. After completing their initial trial, each summoner undertakes a pilgrimage to the temples of Spira to gather Aeons and develop their strength in body and mind. Summoner who defeats Sin invariably sacrifices his or her life in the process, and is posthumously granted the title of High Summoner. Yuna is the only Summoner in history that was able to defeat Sin and live, so she is the only High Summoner to be given the title while still alive.

In Dead Fantasy, Yuna is able to summon more then one Aeon at a time, which is impossible to do in Final Fantasy X.

Other Possible Acts of SummoningEdit

In a preview for a future episode of Dead Fantasy, it shows Naminé using a D-Link Through a unnamed Keyblade to "summon" Vincent Valentine. It's unclear how she was able to do this; it is possible that Vincent was the Keyblade and turned into his real form, or the Keyblade has a connection with Vincent that was able to bring him to Naminé.

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