Team Dead or Alive, or Team DOA, is a name given to one of the group of fighters who appear in Dead Fantasy, which is made up of characters from the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series. They are the rivals of Team Final Fantasy

There are currently nine members in the team, however it's unclear if they are all working together as a unit.



Team DOA is mostly made up of "normal humans", save for Rachel who is a human with cursed blood which could turn her into a Fiend, and Kasumi Alpha who is actually a clone of Kasumi.

The group is also mostly made up of shinobi from two clans: Ayane, Hayate and Kasumi are from the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, and Ryu and Momiji are from the Hayabusa Ninja Clan. Alpha is also a shinobi, but as a product of DOATEC she doesn't belong to a clan.

Weapons used by Team DOA have been mostly traditional, such as swords and other bladed equipment. No one on this time has yet to use modern weapons or firearms, save for the DOATEC soldiers at the end of Dead Fantasy V, who don't even actually fire them.

The shinobi can use a type of Magic known as Ninpo, which is powered by Ki energy and requires the user to perform certain techniques. Due to her cursed blood, Rachel can also use a type of sorcery called the Blades of Ouroboros. Hitomi and Helena do not use magic in battle, but Hitomi has used Materia, which is a source of magic.

The only people who have yet to take part in a full battle are Ryu, Momiji (althought they will be facing Naminé in a future episode) and Helena.

It's unclear if Alpha is completely on the same side as the rest of Team DOA; when Helena sends the clones to Kasumi and Yuna in Dead Fantasy IV, they are seen attacking both girls, not just Yuna. It is unclear whether Helena ordered them to attack both of them or if the Alphas will simply attack anyone they meet.

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