Team Final Fantasy, or Team FF, is a name given to one of the group of fighters who appear in Dead Fantasy, which is made up of characters from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. They are the rivals of Team Dead or Alive.

There are currently six members in the team, with three new team-mates confirmed to appear in future episodes.


Naminé, Vincent Valentine, and a young boy believed to be Denzel have been confirmed to appear in future episodes of Dead Fantasy. Cissnei, another Final Fantasy character, has appeared in the music videos Dead Fantasy Obsessed and Dead Fantasy Gee and could be considered a part of Team FF, but she has yet to appear in the main series.


While the members of Team FF all appear human, only Cloud, Tifa and Kairi are humans. Rinoa is actually a Sorceress, Rikku is an Al Bhed, and Yuna is half-human, half-Al Bhed.

They use various types of Magic and weapons, more so compaired to Team DOA, including blades and firearms. They can also use systems such as Dresspheres and Drive Forms in order to change their powers and abilities.

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