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    When Dead Fantasy continues and even more new characters get added I would love to see these ones:


    • Lightning
    • Rydia
    • Lulu
    • Serah Farron
    • Aqua


    • Squall Leonhart
    • Tidus
    • Cecil Harvey


    • Tina Armstrong
    • Lei Fang
    • Christie
    • Lisa Hamilton
    • Irene Lew


    • Bayman
    • Jann Lee
    • Leon

    And I'm also going to post my expectations for the following Dead Fantasy's. We all know that the battle between Rikku and Ayane is going to happen in VI. Personally I think that Rikku is going to win this one since Hitomi won against Tifa. Rikku will change into many dresspheres and finish her of with her Machina Maw.

    Although many of you think that VII is going to feature Rinoa VS Rachel I think that VII is going to be Kairi/Naminé & Vincent VS Momiji & Hayabusa, because of the large preview…

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  • Crispycol

    Dead Fantasy: The Game

    April 25, 2012 by Crispycol

    Like many company's they have crossovers from people from their franchise. So I think it's time that Square Enix and Tecmo also have one called; Dead Fantasy.

    It will follow the events that happen in Dead Fantasy, but in a more different way. You have two sides, obiously the Final Fantasy & Dead or Alive side, which you can choose from. When you choose the Dead or Alive side you will play the story like in their games (2D idea) but when you choose the Final Fantasy side you will fight like in Dissidia Final Fantasy (3D idea).

    When you selected a side you can choose the character with who you want to play the story mode with. All the characters will follow the timeline like in Dead Fantasy but then from their view. (for example: when you choo…

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  • Crispycol

    Dead Fantasy Guys

    September 15, 2011 by Crispycol
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  • Crispycol

    Dead Fantasy Girls

    September 13, 2011 by Crispycol
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