Like many company's they have crossovers from people from their franchise. So I think it's time that Square Enix and Tecmo also have one called; Dead Fantasy.

It will follow the events that happen in Dead Fantasy, but in a more different way. You have two sides, obiously the Final Fantasy & Dead or Alive side, which you can choose from. When you choose the Dead or Alive side you will play the story like in their games (2D idea) but when you choose the Final Fantasy side you will fight like in Dissidia Final Fantasy (3D idea).

When you selected a side you can choose the character with who you want to play the story mode with. All the characters will follow the timeline like in Dead Fantasy but then from their view. (for example: when you choose Tifa you will also do a part before she arrives at the tower).


There are just the standard modes like in all fighting games:

  • Battle Mode - the normal one-on-one battles.
  • Arcade Mode - defeating all opponents of the game.
  • Story Mode - follows the story of each character.
  • Event Mode - short levels of side stories from characters.
  • Online Mode - battle wireless with other people.
  • Dance Mode - dance to the music of Dead Fantasy (like Obsessed and Gee)



These are the characters you can choose from the beginning.


These are the unlockables of the game. Most of them can be unlocked through story mode but others have to be unlocked on another way (for example Cissnei). All the unlockables also have their own story. (Note: the way to unlock them are temporary)

  • Cissnei (unlocked by getting a highscore above 85% with two songs in dance-mode)
  • Cloud Strife (unlocked after clearing Yuna's story)
  • Hayate (unlocked after clearing Hitomi's story)
  • Helena Douglas (unlocked after clearing Hayate's story)
  • Momiji (unlocked after clearing Ryu's story)
  • Ryu Hayabusa (unlocked after clearing Kasumi's story)
  • Vincent Valentine (unlocked after clearing Kairi's story)