When Dead Fantasy continues and even more new characters get added I would love to see these ones:

Final Fantasy



Dead or Alive



And I'm also going to post my expectations for the following Dead Fantasy's. We all know that the battle between Rikku and Ayane is going to happen in VI. Personally I think that Rikku is going to win this one since Hitomi won against Tifa. Rikku will change into many dresspheres and finish her of with her Machina Maw.

Although many of you think that VII is going to feature Rinoa VS Rachel I think that VII is going to be Kairi/Naminé & Vincent VS Momiji & Hayabusa, because of the large preview that has been showed of them. And I think that Ryu and Momiji will win this one.

Rinoa and Rachel then will face off in VIII. It may be possible that Rachel will release her demon (although her sister is the one who is the demon but then again Kairi didn't had drive forms). But Rinoa will win by chaining her up like in the poster.

And maybe before/between/after one of those fights we see scenes of Yuna and Cloud invultrating the DOA headquarters trying to save Tifa.

And thus in IX Cloud and Yuna save Tifa but then discover that Helena has made a copy of Tifa named Alpha-153 and the three fight that one. Or only Yuna and Cloud fight it because Tifa is weakend.

Another thing could be that Tifa herself escapes from the headquarters. but I like the other one more.