Eliot mugshot
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Debuts Dead or Alive 4
Dead Fantasy VI
Age 18-20
Nationality British
Fighting Style Xingyi quan
Weapons Fists, Legs
Main Rival Noel Kreiss(friendly)
Eliot is the apprentice of Gen Fu from the Dead or Alive series. He will make his Dead Fantasy debut in the upcoming Dead Fantasy VI as the second male Dead or Alive character to be introduced in the series.
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Eliot in "Dead Fantasy VI" by repinscourge


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Role in Dead Fantasy

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Eliot has a masculine, yet more youthful look, compared to his fellow fighters, with shoulder length blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and long dark eyelashes. 

In Dead Fantasy, he is first shown in his default costume from DoA5, but he later takes off his tattered shirt, exposing his handsome figure and well-toned muscles. His secondary outfit has him shirtless, wearing black jeans with matching sneakers, or alternatively black formal pants with formal shoes.


Eliot retains much of his personality in his series of origin, being generally, calm, soft-spoken, humble, and respectful to his elders, in addition to being more confident and determined to prove his fighting potential.

He also has a soft spot for women, as shown by his admiration for Ayane and Hitomi, being implied to be involved with them in what looks like a love triangle. Though he is having some difficulty in choosing which of them to be engaged with, he seems confident that he can at least remain good friends with the other. Eliot also does not seem to mind not having his shirt off around girls, and is aware that some of them, especially Hitomi, find him sexually attractive.

Fighting Capacity

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Hitomi has, or is at least starting to have, romantic feelings for Eliot and enjoys flirting with him. Whereas Eliot seemed shy in the past, he is now more willing to return her affections for him, and stand up for her when she is in need of defending. She also does not mind being half-naked around him.


Eliot greatly admires Ayane for her fighting ability and is implied to have a crush on her. Even if she has yet to show any similar feelings towards him, Eliot has great faith in her skills in as a kunoichi to safely accomplish her mission first before they even have a chance to admit such love for one another.

Noel Kreiss

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