Noel Kreiss
"The Last Hunter"
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Debuts Final Fantasy XIII-2
Dead Fantasy VI
Age 18-20
Nationality Unknown
Fighting Style Hunting
Weapons Sword, Dagger
Main Rival Eliot(friendly)
Noel Kreiss is a Beast Hunter from the year 700 AF and the deuteragonist of Final Fantasy XIII-2. He is currently planned to make his first Dead Fantasy appearance in Dead Fantasy VI.
Pulsian Oasis

Noel's new outfit in "Dead Fantasy VI", designed by Kagaminoir


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Role in Dead Fantasy

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Noel is a slender, yet well built young man with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes.

His new outfit in Dead Fantasy, designed by kagaminoir , is a green and red "athlete's attire", with only the upper left part of his chest and his right shoulder covered, a single red fingerless right glove, an armband on his left bicep, green shorts, and sandals. His secondary outfit is a shirtless version of his original costume in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Noel keeps much of his old personality in his game of origin, being cocky, cheerful, confident, but soft spoken. He is also shown to be a bit more serious and willing to risk his life for those who need his help badly.

Fighting Capacity

Noel is a self-sufficient hunter and fighter, using a sword and dagger in battle.



Noel is shown to be in an intimate, romantic relationship with Vanille.


Fang is sexually attracted to Noel and flirts with him more often than Vanille does, putting the three of them in what appears to be a love triangle. Fortunately, this does not appear to impede on any of the three's relationships with each other.


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