[[BREA 1|250px]]
Full Name Brea Ayanami
Affiliation Wang Laoh
Debuts Dead Fantasy
Age Ageless (appears to be 18)
Nationality Unknown (believed to be at least part-Japanese)
Fighting Style Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Main Rival Daigo
BREA is a (semi-)original character, created by GokaiWhite, to be introduced in a future Dead Fantasy installment.

Role in Dead Fantasy

BREA is a living sex doll brought to life by Wang Laoh, and made in the image of his estranged daughter, to be his mistress. As she is not technically human and unable to produce offspring for Laoh, even if he had not been castrated before the events of Dead Fantasy, Laoh used the Dead Fantasy tournament to select a suitable bride with him to father a generation of fighters to aid in his quest for world domination. If his plans show any signs of escalating beyond his control, Laoh would send BREA to steer things back in the right direction.


BREA is a petite young woman appearing to be at least 18 years of age with shoulder length, silvery white hair, bright red lipstick, and slightly larger breasts than the average young adult female. Her outfit consists of arm and leg stockings, a spade-shaped g-string, two black nipple covers in the shape of two halves of a heart, a black hairband, and a mask covering at least her right eye, though she is still able to see with her other eye being partly obscured by her hair, if not the mask itself.


BREA is Wang Laoh's loyal mistress who lives to pleasure him, and also likes to sexually tease her opponents. She is extremely aroused roughly 95%, as Laoh claims, and is also quite silent for most of the time, usually preferring to let Laoh speak on her behalf, and speaks rarely even when spoken to.

Fighting Capacity

Currently unknown


Wang Laoh

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Despite being allied with Laoh, Daigo has very little, if any animosity towards BREA and even tries to win her over to the side of good, reasoning correctly, if unknowingly, that she is not to be looked down upon for being an obedient slave who technically "isn't alive", or even for her promiscuity, and that she is being treated as an object for being a woman, if only in semblance.


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  • Despite being an original character, BREA's appearance is actually identical to 2B from Nier Automata(which is also a Square-Enix title), or more precisely, a nude model of 2B rendered by Kruel-Kaiser on DeviantArt. Her characterstics, on the other hand, are inspired by Rei Ayanami of Evangelion, from whom her last name is derived.