Full Name Daigo Tatsuya
Affiliation Mediator between Team Final Fantasy and Team Dead or Alive
Debuts Dead Fantasy
Age early to mid 20s
Nationality Unknown, at least half Japanese
Fighting Style Mixed Martial Arts
Weapons Fists, Legs
Main Rival Wang Laoh
Daigo is an original character and major protagonist, created by GokaiWhite, to be introduced in a future Dead Fantasy installment.

Role in Dead Fantasy

Daigo became suspicious as to why Team Final Fantasy and Team Dead or Alive have been fighting each other and is now trying to uncover the truth, and more importantly get both teams to work together against Wang Laoh.


Daigo is a very handsome, attractive young man in his early to mid 20s with short black hair and green eyes.


Daigo is a loving, gentle, friendly person who loves the girl fighters for no less and much more than their inner and outer beauty, and respects the male fighters for their own positive qualities and general fighting prowess. He is also very selfless with a strong sense of justice and willing to risk his life to save his friends.

Fighting Capacity

Daigo has studied many forms of martial arts, including karate, kung fu, and MMA, applying the basics with fair amount of ease. He also trained his body to be quite durable and withstand much pain and injury.


Wang Laoh Once he became aware that Laoh is responsible for the events of the series, Daigo makes it his mission to unite both teams and foil Laoh's ambition.



Coming soon...


  • GokaiWhite has named this OC "Daigo Tatsuya" to pay tribute to the late Tatsuya Nomi (known for playing Daigo / Shishi Ranger in Gosei Sentai Dairanger), as he is a huge Super Sentai fan.
  • GokaiWhite wants to get cosplayer Shunsuke Ryugu to be Daigo's 3D scan model, and provide his voice and motion capture.