• Hernang

    Lulu in Dead Fantasy

    April 28, 2010 by Hernang

    Okay you guys so i know that there has been alot of talk about the next dead fantasy fighter.Now a lot of people think that Lulu should not be in it because its hard to imagine how she would move in her dress and junk.So i have come up with an idea of how she can appear.Okay so the girls are fighting and they may be in trouble.Lulu could appear and use some big magick like Ultima for example.Once that has happened she could begin to spherechange from her dress into something more areobic.Now before you go thinking that its a bad idea that she can spherechange think about it.Its not really unfair for her to use this ability since Rikku is also spherechanging.Now her new look:imagine her dress being cut to a little bit below her waist and th…

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