Okay so do any of you have any wongs to suggest for the upcoming Dead Fantasy movies. Coz' I have a few. (Note: These are all from FF7 coz' that's my favorite of all)

Tifa's Theme: This can be played if ever she has NICE flashbacks. Not the attempted suicide flashback.

Cloud Smiles: Maybe..uh...something related to Cloud, right.

Chase of the Highway: Probably a Cloud vs. Hayate then Ryu comes out then another FF guy then the guys from FF, Kingdom Hearts, DOA start being introduced.

(Wait the next ones are from FF10 though I have no suggestions to give on what part to use them)


To Zanarkand

(Ah here's one from FF8)

Fisherman's Horizon

Well if any of you have suggestions to give please write them down! Hopefully Monty will see your (and mine) suggestions and consider using them. :)