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In Dead Fantasy, every fighter carries at least one handheld weapon, with the exception of Tifa and Hitomi, utilizing their fists. Each character has a unique weapon which works in different ways. Characters without weapons have yet to be seen fighting, such as Helena. In Dead or Alive, it is impossible to use a weapon whilst fighting, and the ninja characters can only rely on ninjutsu though their weapons can be seen in the cutscenes, endings and openings.

All characters from the Final Fantasy series use a weapon, with the exception of monks, such as Tifa, who use martial arts as a primary weapon. Final Fantasy's team seem to use dual weapons mostly. Hitomi is the only character possessing no weapon or magic advantage, and is thus given augmented strength. Helena has yet to be shown in combat, but if she is to have a weapon, it will likely be the gun that she is seen with in her Dead or Alive 4 ending.

Team Dead or Alive Weapons[]






Ryu Hayabusa[]

Team Final Fantasy Weapons[]

Cloud Strife[]




Rinoa Heartilly[]

Vincent Valentine[]

  • Cerberus



  • Hydraulic Car Jack: Tifa employs one of these to crush Hayate's ninjas in Dead Fantasy V. Once the main section breaks off, she wields the handle like a pipe against their swords.
  • Turbo Ether & X-Potion: Originally used to revive Tifa, she ends up using the bottle by smashing them against the Dead or Alive females.
  • Buster Sword: Originally given to Cloud by Zack, until it was retired at the end of Final Fantasy VII. This appears in Tifa's flashback in Dead Fantasy V.